Our Platform

Local Token Exchange is a Peer to Peer Exchange which allows buyers and sellers to trade directly in a wide variety of crypto currencies. Local Token Exchange provides a safe, uncomplicated and fast trading platform leveraging its own peer to peer market place and escrow system as well as a more traditional Exchange, providing more variety and liquidity, allowing users to freely buy and sell without unnecessary verification requirements or waiting times and to profit share from the platforms overall success as well as early and favorable access to selected ICOs and new tokens.

Local Token Exchange will hold a crowdsale event of LTE Tokens, a digital asset which will be used to facilitate distribution of all profits made by the Local Token Exchange platform. LTE Token holders will additionally receive early access to collaborating ICO┬┤s and airdrops of new ICO tokens listed on the Local Token Exchange platform.

The platform will implement a novel approach to traditional ownership by utilizing Blockchain technology to distribute the entirety of the sites profits to holders of LTE Tokens. This asset entitles investors to regular dividend payments denominated in all of the currencies traded on the platform.

Funds raised from this crowdsale event will be used to expand and speed up the development of the Local Token Exchange platform and increase the number of cryptocurrencies which the platform is able to support on release.

Centralised cryptocurrency exchanges in their current form are fraught with inefficiencies, long wait times, security risks, and time consuming verification requirements and high barriers of entry to a large proportion of potential users, especially novice users. P2P Marketplaces and exchanges provide direct access between buyers and sellers, which represents the truest form of free market trading. The future of the digital currency ecosystem relies on the development of a robust P2P exchange which supports a diverse range of cryptocurrencies. The innovative distributed ownership model offered by LTE Tokens will bridge this gap in the market, while delivering the profits of the platform back into the wallets of its users.